What makes the HYDRAGUN special?


HYDRAGUN is the first percussive massage gun of its kind to offer customers its distinctive suite of specifications and quality assurances. In coming up with HYDRAGUN, the team in Singapore tested more than 20 designs and builds, and we made executive decisions on an effective design and top-quality specifications.

In our product testing phase, we noticed that the battery life of the test products did not meet our quality standards. So for HYDRAGUN, we decided to include a durable battery, as short battery life is the bane of most massage guns, and a quieter motor, with our brushless SmoothDrive™ technology, so that the post-recovery process need not be a noisy and stressful one. 

We ship directly from Singapore, putting our products through local quality assurance checks, to make sure that our devices are delivered true to specifications. That is why we are confident enough to guarantee the product for 1.5 years, complete with a 30-day love-it-or-return-it guarantee.