What are the features and specifications of the Hydragun?

• Max Speed: 3200 PPM top speed, strong enough for pro athletes and bodybuilders
• Amplitude & Stall Force: 12mm amplitude and 40lbs stall force  provide deep penetration for deep-tissue work, even on lower speeds

6 speeds ranging from comfortable (for injured areas or everyday use) to intense (for work on the tightest knots)
7 attachments with varying levels of give, and different shapes to suit every muscle group
3 stainless steel heads suitable for use with massage creams or pain-relieving ointments

• 3-6+ hours — about double the industry standard — so it’s always ready and can be used on the go

Thoughtful design features for your comfort, convenience, and safety
Quietest full-sized gun on the market at 30-50dB, so it’s not disruptive
Noise- and vibration-dampening aerospace-grade aluminum body, so your hand doesn't go numb during use
Lightweight at 1.04kg (2.29lbs), but with just enough heft that you don’t need to apply pressure manually
Safety Chip — Shuts down after 10 mins of continuous use to protect against overuse and overheating
Ergonomic 99° handle reduces wrist dorsiflexion and prevents wrist strain
Cushy, sweat-proof nano silicone grip is comfortable and hard-wearing, unlike some plastics, which are degraded by sweat over time
Easy to clean and sanitize using standard alcohol wipes (including the silicone grip and all but one attachment heads)
Durable, breathable, water-resistant carrying case comes free with every unit

Built to last, inside and out
Motor quality — our high-torque brushless digital SmoothDriveTM motor runs cool and quiet, which means less energy lost to noise, heat, and friction, and less motor wear-and-tear
Build quality — internal components (housing, rods, screws, etc) are precisely calibrated and secured to minimize vibration and rattling, so they won’t shake loose over time
Practical, premium materials — aerospace-grade aluminum chassis is lightweight, durable, heat-dissipating, noise- and vibration-dampening, wipe-clean, and resistant to corrosion by sweat and repeated sanitation; ultra-smooth Niflon-coated barrel reduces friction and wear

Unclear with what these terms mean? Contact us anytime at support@hydragun.com for our Customer Care Team to assist you with your questions and concerns.