How do I charge HYDRAGUN?

To charge:

1.     Connect the DC end of the adaptor to the HYDRAGUN’s charging port found at the base of the massage gun.

2.     Plug the AC side to a compatible power outlet.

3.     The charger has a LED light that will glow red once plugged in.

4.     Once the battery is full, the charger light will turn green.

5.     To test, turn the device on. All three battery power LED lights will be lighted up if the battery is full.



  • Hydragun batteries automatically cut off charging when the battery is full but we still do not recommend overcharging as it may have an adverse impact on the battery life.
  • Recommended charging time is 3-5 hours for a full charge.
  • Do not operate the massage gun while it is charging.
  • It is not recommended to deplete the battery before charging. You can charge it at any level and stop once it is fully charged.