How does the Hydragun massage gun work?

The Hydragun is a device that can help alleviate soreness and pain through percussive therapy. Percussive Therapy increases blood flow and decreases tension deep within the muscle.

Here’s why the Hydragun gives you the most relaxing massage you deserve:
Amplitude (depth)
Our 12mm amplitude powerfully relieves tension deep within the muscles.

Frequency (speed)
Our 3200 percussions-per-minute (53 percussions per second) speed allows our devices to override the pain signals to your brain, making the treatment experience more comfortable than manual muscle therapy. With six speed options, the Hydragun is carefully calibrated from a comfortable 1300PPM (percussions per minute), up to a very intense 3200PPM for the tightest of knots.

Torque (no-stall force)
The Hydragun has a 40lb stall force and 12mm amplitude to reach the deepest layers of tissue.

Noise Level
The Hydragun’s SmoothDrive™ motor technology gives you a powerful massage while making the gun as quiet as a fridge. Finally, you can watch TV while massaging your sore shoulders.