How to maintain and care for your Hydragun

How to clean your Hydragun

To clean the exterior and handle of your Hydragun, use a slightly damp towel. Antibacterial wipes may also be used as an alternative, but be sure to wipe off the moisture afterward.

To clean the attachment heads, a quick wipe-down with a damp towel or antibacterial wipes is sufficient. For the foam head, simply spray with a little alcohol or sanitizer, then air dry.

How to maintain your Hydragun

Over time, like all other motors or items that go through numerous repetitions, normal wear and tear may cause the device to get noisier.

You can remedy this by applying electric motor oil to the metal ring where the attachment heads go. 

Apply electric motor oil around the inner and outer part of the metal ring, allowing it to seep for at least a few minutes before using the device.