What makes the Thermosleeve special?

The Thermosleeve is a fusion of three different solutions that provide the same or if not better effects than the traditional ones.


In our product development phase, we noticed that Ice/Heat Packs & Compression sleeves have some side effects that we wanted to address. So for the Thermosleeve, we decided to use hot/cold solutions which only provide you with the most optimal usage time to avoid accidents like frostbite/burns, while giving you the best coverage through the 360° Thermogel™ and a robust but stretchable fabric that is safe for everyone to use. This way, you can enjoy your recovery and not worry about a thing.

The Thermosleeve is indeed heavier than traditional solutions in the market today, but we intentionally created it this way to provide you with deep pressure compression therapy in addition to hot/cold therapy.

So, when you need a hot/cold compress, use your Thermosleeve and get the feeling of calm and relaxation which could help improve circulation, better your sleep, and reduce inflammation.