How to maintain and care for your Thermosleeve


Your Thermosleeve can last you for years when properly taken care of. We’ve listed a few instructions to help you do just that.

  • To clean the Thermosleeve, just air for a few minutes and pop it back into the storage pouch
  • Store in the resealable storage pouch after drying; this prevents the Thermogel™ from drying out in the freezer or in drier climates.
  • We do not recommend wearing the Thermosleeve overnight or for several hours at a time, as this may cause the Thermogel™ to dry out.
  • Do not heat up the Thermosleeve for more than 40 seconds.
  • Do not heat up/freeze the Thermosleeve without putting it inside the storage pouch first.
  • Do not allow your child to play with your Thermosleeve; they might accidentally puncture it and will affect its ability to retain heat/cold.