How does the Heatpulse work?

The HeatPulse uses soothing heat and steady vibrative pulses to deliver long-lasting relief from tightness, soreness, stiffness, and pain.
The HeatPulse was designed to help with:
• Arthritis of the knee
• Knee strains, sprains and other injuries
• Post-surgery recovery
• Knee pain from high-impact sports

Here’s why HeatPulse is one of the best knee pain solutions with its 2 punch pain-killing combo:
1. Heatlast™ Infrared Graphene Technology
The HeatPulse uses Heatlast™ Infrared Graphene Technology to provide over an hour of gentle, steady warmth to the knee joint.
Choose from five levels of heat, ranging from 40-60 celsius (104-140 Fahrenheit)

2. Pulse Vibration stimulates blood circulation
Dual vibrating cores hug both sides of the knee to provide strong pulses to the patella, stimulating blood circulation and providing lasting relief from tightness, soreness, and pain.
Choose from three speeds for different massage intensities.

With Heatpulse you get a cost-effective, convenient solution that not only provides immediate lasting relief but also has no side effects.

It is also designed to deliver a pleasant and easy recovery experience with its:
Sleek, cordless, design - detachable control pod for easy charging
Easy-to-use interface - Control 5 heat ranges and 3 vibrative pulse speeds at a push of a button
True one-size-fits-all - 360° lightweight,anti-fray, and anti-bacterial Silkro™ fabric for a snug and comfortable velcro fit on any knee.
Set it and forget it - Automatically runs a full 30-minutes treatment session on each knee

The HeatPulse works on elbows and shoulders too.

For best results, do not stand up or walk around while the HeatPulse is operating. Remain seated or inclined with your knee slightly bent to align with the shape of the sleeve.
Want even more comprehensive joint pain relief? Try hot and cold contrast therapy by combining the HeatPulse with the Thermosleeve.