How to use the HeatPulse

1. Find your fit

Strap the sleeve around your knee. It should fit snugly—not too
loose or too tight.


2. Attach the control pod

Attach the magnetic control pod to the sleeve. The control
pod may be attached the right side up or upside down.


3. Turn on the Control pod

Press and hold the power button for three seconds. This will
activate the HeatLastTM infrared graphene heating band which
will start to warm to 40*C (104*F)


4. Select your temperature

Push the + button to gradually increase the temperature until
it is right for you. Try each of the five temperature settings for
a few seconds to determine if it’s right for you.


5. Select your massage speed

If you wish to turn on the HeatPulse’s massage function, press
and hold the M button for three seconds. Push the M button
again to cycle through the three-speed settings until you find
the one that’s right for you.



6. Lock in your settings

If desired, press and hold the M button for two seconds to lock
in your current settings. The M button will turn red when the
screen is locked. Press and hold the M button for another two
seconds to unlock.


7. Enjoy a full treatment session, or turn off
your device

Once you’ve selected your settings, sit back and let the
HeatPulse work its magic. One full treatment session lasts
for 30 minutes, after which the HeatPulse will shut off
automatically. (To end your treatment mid-session, press
and hold the power button for three seconds.)

Repeat the treatment session on the other knee if desired.
The HeatPulse can provide at least two 30-minute sessions
on a full charge.




Additional uses:


On shoulders

The HeatPulse comes with an extension strap to secure it around the torso while it is being used on the shoulders.

Simply attach the extension to the top strap and wrap it around the torso under the armpit to secure the HeatPulse. Secure the bottom strap around your tricep and operate as usual.


On elbows

Strap the HeatPulse onto your elbows, ensuring that it is snug but not too tight.


Charging your HeatPulse

To charge, turn off the control pod and connect your USB-C charging cable to the control pod. The pod can be charged while it is either attached to or detached from the sleeve.


Recommended charging time

  • The recommended charging time is two to three hours for a full charge.
  • Frequent overcharging may deteriorate battery performance and lifespan.
  • It is not recommended to deplete the battery before charging. Charge it at any level and stop once it is fully charged.