What are the features and specifications of the HeatPulse?

Outer material: 
• 360° Silkro™ - woven nylon and spandex fabric blend 
• Embossed woven polyester and spandex fabric blend

Inner material 
• Woven moisture-wicking and breathable mesh polyester

True one-size-fits-all
• Extension strap for shoulder and chest
• Sleeve Length
     ◦ Length of top strap: 51cm (20")
     ◦ Length of bottom strap: 48cm (19")
     ◦ Length of extension strap: 58cm (23")HeatPulse_measurements.png

Heatlast™ infrared graphene technology
• Temperature range
Choose from five temperature settings, 40-60°C (104-140°F)
• Pulse vibration
Dual vibrating cores hug each side of the patella, sending out carefully calibrated 120Hz pulses to boost circulation

Control pod
Charger: USB-C cable
Battery capacity: 1600mAh 7W 5V
Battery life: 60-90 minutes
• Magnetic back
• Automatically shuts off after 30 minutes
• Fast charging