What are the features and specifications of HeatPulse 2?

• 360° Silkro™ fabric
• Breathable, moisture-wicking elastane lining
• Sleeve Length
     ◦ Length of top strap: 61cm(24”)
     ◦ Length of bottom strap: 58cm(23”)
     ◦ Length of extension strap: 58cm(23”)
• Extension strap for shoulder and chest
• Additional buckle for a better fit

Heatlast™ infrared graphene technology
• Wider temperature range
     ◦ The HeatPulse 2 uses next-generation HeatLast™ infrared graphene technology to provide over three hours of gentle, steady warmth to the knee joint.
     ◦ Choose from seven levels of heat, ranging from 40-70℃ (104-158°F).
• Pulse vibration
     ◦ Dual vibrating cores hug both sides of the knee to provide targeted 120Hz pulses to the patella, stimulating blood circulation and providing lasting relief from tightness, soreness, and pain.
     ◦ Twin vibrating cores now target the entire joint instead of just the kneecap

Control pod
• Plug type: USB-C cable
• Battery capacity: 2600mAh, 7W 5V
• Battery life: Up to 3 hours (six 30-minute sessions)
• Magnetic back
• Automatically shuts off after 30 minutes
• Fast charging