HeatPulse 2 safety instructions

⚠️Safety First!
1. If you feel pain or extreme discomfort, or notice any skin issues or irritation around your knee while using the HeatPulse 2, stop using it immediately and consult your physician.
2. You may notice slight redness on the knee area while using the HeatPulse 2. This is due to increased blood circulation to the skin from the heat and vibration, and should not be a concern. However, if symptoms persist without relief, consult your physician.
3. Do not use the HeatPulse 2 excessively. We recommend using it once or twice daily (one cycle of 30 minutes per knee at a time).
4. Do not use the HeatPulse 2 over thin fabrics like stockings. For best results, use it directly on the knee and not over other fabrics.
5. Keep away from children and infants to avoid injury from improper use.
6. Do not use the HeatPulse 2 in the bathroom or shower.
7. Do not use while sleeping.
8. Do not use while under quilts or blankets as this may cause overheating.
9. Do not place heavy items or load on the HeatPulse 2 as this may damage the components.
10. Do not leave the components exposed to direct sunlight as they may overheat and damage the electronics in the pod and sleeve.
11. Do not disassemble the pod or the sleeve or throw them into the fire. This may cause damage to the product and the lithium battery.

Consult your physician before using the HeatPulse 2 if any of the following applies to you:
• Nerve disorders in the leg
• Skin sensory disorders
• Any arthritic condition
• Skin sensory disorders
• Loss of sense of temperature
• Sensory impairments caused by diabetes
• Heat sensitivity
• Leg or knee sequelae due to traffic accidents, etc.
• Leg disease (tendon injuries, arthritic deformities, fractures, varicose veins, etc.)
• Implanted medical electronic devices that are susceptible to electromagnetic failures such as pacemakers
• Metals, plastic, or silicon injected into the knee from surgery
• Malignant tumors
• Heart disease
• Osteoporosis
• Fractures, sprains, or other acute injuries
• Symptoms such as acute inflammation, fatigue, chills, and blood pressure fluctuations
• Early stages of pregnancy or recently given birth