How to use the StretchPad

1. Set it up
Place the StretchPad on a flat surface, such as the floor, a mattress, a sofa, or a yoga or exercise mat. Connect the power cable to the nearest electrical outlet and switch it on.

2. Turn it on
Lie down on the StretchPad and press the Screenshot button on your remote control to turn the StretchPad on. The indicator light located at the top of the remote control will light up.

3. Choose your settings
Your StretchPad comes with 7 different stretching and massage protocols.

Choose your desired massage protocol and press the corresponding button once. The StretchPad will begin running your chosen protocol for the default time period (20 minutes) and at the default intensity level (Level 2).

Press the Screenshot at any time to adjust the depth and intensity of your stretch and massage:

  Level 1
   Level 2
  Level 3

Press the Screenshot minute,Screenshot minute, or Screenshot minute button to adjust the duration of your session. To end your session early, press the Screenshot button at any time.

4. Turn up the heat
Press the Screenshot button to turn the StretchPad's infrared heating function on or off at any time.

When to use your StretchPad
The StretchPad is safe for daily use. Use it:
• To relieve stiffness in the neck, shoulders, back, and hips after a long day of sedentary work
• To manage chronic aches and pains
•  To relax, release stress and tension, and help you fall asleep
•  As part of your post-workout recovery routine

💡You can have 2-3 massage sessions in a row if you want to. Just make sure to adjust the strength of the massage based on how your body feels and stop if you start to feel uncomfortable. It's all about what feels good and comfortable for you!