What are the features and specifications of the StretchPad?

Designed to deliver a pleasant whole-body tension release
• 22 precision-controlled air chambers
     ◦ Air chambers are strategically placed throughout the StretchPad and inflate in sequence to help stretch out your upper and lower back, rotate your neck and back, and compress your neck and hips.
• 7 pre-programmed stretching and massage protocols
     ◦ 4 Full body massage routines: Stretch, Twist, Lift, Deep
     ◦ 3 targeted massage routines: Neck and shoulders, lower backs, hips, and thighs
     ◦ 3 session durations: Enjoy a 10, 20, or 30-minute massage session, and choose from four whole-body and three targeted protocols for different massage needs.
• 3 Intensity levels
     ◦ Choose your preferred setting to get the perfect amount of pressure and just the right depth and intensity for your stretch.
• Infrared heating function
     ◦ Turn on the StretchPad's infrared heating feature to relax muscles, increase blood flow, and provide soothing relief for aches and pains in your upper back.

Premium Design and Build Quality
• Multi-modal treatments
     ◦ 3-in-1 stretching therapy
     ◦ Compression therapy
     ◦ Heat therapy (7 modes, 22 chambers)
• Premium SGS-certified, water-based vegan leather
     ◦ Made of butter-smooth premium vegan leather for effortless clean-up: just wipe down with a damp cloth if desired
• Automated sessions
     ◦ Just set it and forget it 
• Easy setup and storage
Simply unfold the StretchPad, plug it in, select your settings, and get ready for a great stretch
     ◦ Folds and zips into a compact, portable 26 x 15" (65 x 38cm) package so it can be tucked away when you're done

StretchPad Specifications
• Stretching and massage settings: 7
• Temperature settings: 131°F (55°C)
• Time settings: 10, 20, or 30-minute sessions
• Electrical:
     ◦ Power plug: 100-240V
     ◦ Massage mat: 12V, 3A , 36W
• Dimensions:
     ◦ 26 x 51” (65 x 130cm) unfolded
     ◦ 26 x 15 x 7” (65 x 38 x 20cm) folded
• Materials: Ultrasmooth, skin-friendly vegan leather
• Plug Type:
     ◦ Singapore- Type G