Is the HeatPod zero-EMF?

All electrical devices, from light bulbs to mobile phones, emit EMFs or electromagnetic fields. 

EMFs are generally thought to be safe up to the 100µT/1000mG (50Hz) range, according to public health guidelines put out by institutions like the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP), the independent non-profit scientific commission that specializes in determining safe EMF exposure limits. However, some people still have concerns about the impact of EMF exposure and believe more long-range research needs to be done.

As such, we designed the HeatPod with full Faraday shielding around its heating coils – pictured in the image below – so that they emit zero EMFs. We do this to provide users with greater peace of mind, as compared to sauna blankets with heating coils which are not shielded or which are only shielded to low-EMF levels.
As with all sauna blankets, there are some parts of the HeatPod that are not zero-EMF, as they are electrical connection points. These are the remote control, the power plug, the main connection point at the bottom of the HeatPod, and two small secondary connection points which link the heating coils to the main connection point. We are currently unable to completely eliminate EMF emissions at these connection points due to technical limitations which are shared throughout the sauna blanket industry. 

These connection points on the HeatPod have been designed to emit only extremely low levels of EMF – up to three times less than sauna blankets with heating coils that are shielded to only low-EMF levels, and as much as a hundred times lower than the safe level of 100µT/1000mG (50Hz) established by the ICNIRP.

Our team continues to invest in EMF-related product research and development as part of our ongoing efforts to make the HeatPod the very best sauna blanket on the market.