How does the HeatPulse Back & Core Massager work?

The HeatPulse Back & Core Massager is a heated back and core massager that uses heat and vibration therapy for fast, effective, targeted back and abdominal pain relief. It features powerful pulse vibration therapy and the hottest temperatures on the market, and is powered by HeatLast™ technology for up to 3.5 hours use on a single charge.
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Here’s what the HeatPulse Back & Core Massager does for your body:

Improve blood flow
• Heat and vibration stimulates vasodilation which allows more blood to flow through vessels to
   increase nutrient uptake as well as promote recovery. 

Relieve pain
• Heat affects the perception of pain because special channels in the body (TRPV receptors) send
   signals to the brain, making you feel the heat and reducing pain. 

Reduce stiffness and soreness
• Vibration therapy activates muscles and nerves (muscle spindles and alpha-motoneurons), leading to
   increased muscle activity, oxygen consumption, muscle temperature, and skin blood flow. 

Increase strength
• Vibration therapy raises the pressure on the muscles and nerves, which helps make them stronger
   and improves function.