How to use the HeatPulse Back & Core Massager

  1. Find your fit

    Find a comfortable sitting or standing position, and secure the back wrap around your waist.

    The back wrap can be worn over a layer of clothing, or against bare skin. We recommend the former if you are sensitive to hotter temperatures, or if you have sensitive skin.

    The control pod attachment plate should sit roughly in the middle of your abdomen, and the back wrap should feel snug but not too tight.

  2. Attach the control pod

    Attach the magnetic control pod to the attachment plate on the back wrap. The buttons should be facing upright.

  3. Turn on the control pod

    Press and hold the Screenshot 2023-07-11 102848.png button for two seconds to turn the HeatPulse Back & Core on.
    The Screenshot 2023-07-11 102848.png also indicates the current battery level:
    Battery at 50-100%
    Battery at 20-49%
    Battery at less than 20%

    To maximize the longevity of your battery, recharge your HeatPulse Back & Core once you see theScreenshot 2023-07-11 102848.png button flashing red.

  4. Select your temperature

    The HeatPulse Back & Core’s heating function can be used on the back only, the core only, or both at the same time.
    Press the or button to gradually change the temperature:
    Level 1
    Level 2
    Level 3

    Press the or button again to turn off the back or core
    heating function.

    If you feel pain or discomfort or notice any skin issues or irritation around your back or core while using the HeatPulse Back & Core, stop use immediately and consult your physician.

  5. Select your massage mode

    If you wish to turn on the HeatPulse Back & Core’s vibrative massage function, push the button once to turn it on. Push the button again to cycle between the different massage modes, or to turn off the massage function. 

    mceclip8.png Pulse mode: Short vibrative pulses
    mceclip9.png Steady mode: Continuous vibration
    mceclip10.png Breathe mode: Three short pulses, followed by one longer pulse

  6. Enjoy a full treatment session, or turn off your device

    Once you’ve chosen your preferred settings, sit back and let the HeatPulse Back & Core work its magic. One full treatment session lasts for 30 minutes, after which the HeatPulse Back & Core will shut off automatically. (To end your treatment mid-session, press and hold the power button to switch off the HeatPulse)

Charging your HeatPulse Back and Core Massager

To charge, turn off the control pod and connect your USB-C charging cable to the control pod. The pod can be charged while it is either attached to or detached from the back wrap.
Battery charged to <50%
Battery charged to 50-95%
Battery charged to >95%

The recommended charging time is up to 6 hours for a full charge. Avoid overcharging the battery, as this will deteriorate battery performance and lifespan over time.

There is no need to fully deplete the battery before charging. Charge the HeatPulse Back & Core at any level, and stop once it is fully charged. Frequent overcharging may deteriorate battery performance and lifespan.

Do not use the HeatPulse Back & Core while it is charging.

When to use your HeatPulse Back and Core Massager

The HeatPulse Back and Core Massager is safe for daily use. Use it:
• To relieve chronic back stiffness and pain
• To speed up the healing of acute back pain, back injuries, and post-surgery recovery
• To relax, release stress and tension, and help you fall asleep
• As part of your post-workout recovery routine
• To soothe menstrual pain and abdominal discomfort