How to use the HeatPod (Singapore and Australia)

1. Get dressed (or undressed)
Wear comfortable, loose, breathable attire while using the HeatPod. As your feet need to be covered, you should also wear socks.

Alternatively, if you have purchased the HeatPod with the accompanying towel insert, you may enjoy the HeatPod undressed.

2. Lay it out
Place the HeatPod on a flat, heat-resistant surface (such as a yoga or exercise mat; a carpet made of heat-resistant materials such as wool, cotton, polyester or nylon; or directly on the floor). If desired, use the HeatPod Pillow or HeatPod Footrest to support your head, neck, and feet for optimum comfort.

🛈 Do not use the HeatPod on flammable surfaces or on items with poor heat dissipation properties, such as leather sofas, water beds, or very thick duvets or comforters.

3. Turn it on
Connect your remote control to the HeatPod and connect it to a power supply. Press the  button on the remote control to turn the HeatPod 2 on. For your safety, do not rest the controller on the HeatPod 2 during use, but place it on a heat-resistant surface.

4. Choose your settings
Get into the HeatPod and zip it up.

Once comfortable, select your preferred temperature by pressing the  and  buttons. A short press will increase or decrease the temperature by 2°F (1°C), while a long press will increase the temperature by 10°F (5°C). We recommend starting at a lower temperature (e.g. around 140°F (60°C)), and gradually increasing to your desired temperature (up to a maximum of 185°F (85°C)) as your body adjusts to the heat.

Also, select your preferred length of treatment time (up to 60 minutes). The HeatPod will turn off automatically when your treatment is complete. If you wish to end your session early, you may also press mceclip1.png to turn the HeatPod 2 off at any time.

🛈 If you feel any discomfort during the session, pause and consult your physician, or try the HeatPod 2 at a lower temperature.

5. Wrapping up

Once your sauna session is over, disconnect the remote control from the power supply. Leave the HeatPod 2 to cool for 15 minutes before folding it away and keep inside the provided storage bag.

When to use your HeatPod
The HeatPod is safe for daily use:

  • To manage aches and pains
  • As part of your post-workout recovery routine
  • To boost systemic health (including cardiometabolic health and circulation, skin health, cellular health, as well as immunity and antioxidant production)
  • To relax, release stress and tension, and help you fall asleep (use 90 minutes before bedtime for best     results)